Buy Lifecolloids here

Buy Lifecolloids here
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LIFECOLLOID is the most powerful probiotic of its kind on the earth. It has every single phytonutrient within the forest. Is the primary substance used for mopping chemical toxins and wastes and radioactive material. More than 50% of all antibiotics in the world are made from the organisms found in the lifecolloid. This is helping for digestion of food, raising immunity. LIFECOLLOID eats yeast, eats tars, resins  and heavy metals like a potatoe chip and turns it into glutathianperoxidase which is major free radical scavenger for the brain and body.

    * The greatest detoxificant; the most of any kind of all detoxificants as a pro-biotic on the earth.
    * A true re-mineralizer; a restorative of all necessary trace elements; it provides a veritable software program for re-programming mineral starved cells.
    * A cell electric restorer; You receive the most power packed supplement that generates electricity inside a cell. Weak organic acid dissolves cell rigidity due to calcium phosphate. Calculi is dissolved, inflammation reduced; and cells can become hydrated again.
    * Anti neo-plastics immune enhancer; anti mold and fungus and yeast: restores the PH bio terrain; conductivity; and anti oxidant de-fibrinogen enzymes.
    * “Adaptogenic;” Normalizing of all body function. A healthy intestinal tract can have about 80,000 species of life colloid [a library of DNA and RNA]. Dis-ease is a drastic reduction in species of life colloid! You can bring some 50,000 species in to assist by consuming Jubb’s life colloid pro-biotic.
    * Metabolic neo-tropic vitalizer; Assists gut and brain health. 

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